About me

I am an early career researcher working on the lands of the Kulin nation in Melbourne, Australia. From early January 2022, I will be Research Fellow at the Coral Bell School, Australian National University working on the ARC Discovery Project “The Cartography of Peace: Security Zones, Colour Codes and Everyday Life”.

My research and teaching interests cross the disciplines of International Relations and Political Geography. I have specific expertise on critical approaches to security, heterodox international relations and socio-spatial theory. I am currently co-convener of the Australian Critical Border Studies Network and the Political Geography Study Group of the Institute of Australian Geographers.

Broadly speaking, my research focuses on the politics of insecurity, that is, the contested ways insecurity is understood and notions of political community and subjectivity underpinning security discourse and practice. I am particularly interested in colonial histories of insecurity and the everyday, urban and spatial dimensions of security politics. My most recent work has developed a research agenda on International Urban Politics focused on the intersections between the international, the urban and the political. I am completing a book manuscript titled The Politics of Neighbouring: Crisis, Security and Political Subjectivity in Madrid’s Barrios.

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