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Research Projects

Urban Archives of the International

Much of my research has focused on the intersections between the international, the urban and the political. I have sought to develop a research agenda on international urban politics. Most recently, I have theorised how we may understand the urban as an archive of the international. I convened a roundtable on this topic at the 2021 Millennium Conference and have organised a panel for ISA 2022 (see the abstract below). With Delacey Tedesco (University of Exeter) I will be convening a workshop titled Urban Archives of the International at EWIS 2022.

Abstract ISA 2022:

There has been increased interest in urban actors and processes in International Relations scholarship in recent years. This has coincided with an emphasis on the role of interventions in urban spaces for achieving diverse security, development, and humanitarian objectives. Mainstream approaches have centred on the potential agency of urban actors whilst critical scholars have usually been more interested in the urban as a site of everyday resistance. This panel brings together papers that expand our understandings of the urban international by problematizing clear distinctions between the international and the urban. Rather than a separate realm of inquiry, the urban is taken as a site through which the international and the political are negotiated, contested and reconfigured. As such, the urban is understood as ‘a very messy kind of archive’ (Rao 2009, 371) of the international. Expanding on Rao’s conceptualisation of the urban as archive, the papers engage with diverse aesthetic archives that allow them to interrogate visual, sensory, embodied and affective aspects of the international. In doing so, they shed new light on core International Relations concerns related to sovereignty, coloniality, security and political subjectivity.


Jerrems, Ari. 2020. “Theorising International Urban Politics.” Millennium: Journal of International Studies 49(1):  105-116.

Jerrems, Ari. 2020. “The Politics of Neighbouring: Urban Citizenship and Regimes of Visibility in post-Crisis Madrid.” Citizenship Studies 24(8): 1047-1065.

Political Geographies of Insecurity

I am particularly interested in exploring how engagement with the urban provides insight into the politics of security, that is, the contested ways in which security and insecurity are conceived and enacted. My research has focused on how particular spaces (such as neighbourhoods, hotpots etc.) and/or events (such as urban uprisings) become framed as sites of insecurity and the politics emerging in the process. For example, in collaboration with others from the Australia Critical Borders Studies Network, I have studied hotels as border spaces and sites of detention and quarantine. My most recent work has analyzed makeshift measures taken in the context of perceived crises (I have presented on this at Millennium 2020, OCIS 2020, ISA 2021 and for a policy audience at Massey University, NZ). I am developing a research agenda on political geographies of crisis building on this work.


Jerrems, Ari. 2020. “The Politics of Neighbouring: Urban Citizenship and Regimes of Visibility in post-Crisis Madrid.” Citizenship Studies 24(8): 1047-1065.

Jerrems, Ari. 2020. “’An Opening toward the Possible’: Assembly Politics and Henri Lefebvre’s Theory of the Event.” Global Society 30(2): 226-244.

Landaeta Mardones, Patricio and Jerrems, Ari. 2021. “Visibilidades: Poéticas de la resistencia en Valparaíso” [Visibilities: Poetics of the Resistence in Valparaiso] Quaestio: Revista em Estudos em Educação 32(1): 19-33.

Cossarini, Paolo and Jerrems, Ari. 2013. “Editorial: Crisis, Seguridad, Política.” [Editorial: Crisis, Security, Politics] Relaciones Internacionales 23: 5-13.

Jerrems, Ari. 2012. “Globalización y proliferación de fronteras.” [Globalization and the Proliferation of Borders] Relaciones Internacionales 21: 173-182.

Jerrems, Ari. 2011. “Bordering Beyond State Boundaries.” Borderlands 10 (1): 1-9.

Making the Discipline Global

In collaboration with Melody Fonseca (University of Puerto Rico) I have contributed to debates on creating a more ‘global’ IR discipline, drawing on postcolonial and decolonial perspectives. Our most recent work with Mariela Cuadro (Conicet-UNSAM) explores the material conditions and everyday practices through which the global discipline is produced.


Fonseca, Melody and Jerrems, Ari. 2018. “¿Por qué decolonizar la teoría de las relaciones internacionales?” [Why decolonise International Relations Theory?] in Francisco Verdes-Montenegro and Nicolás Comini (eds) Otras Miradas, Otras Voces. Visiones Críticas de las Relaciones Internacionales [Other Lenses, Other Voices: Critical Perspectives on International Relations] (Buenos Aires: Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero), 42-74.

Fonseca, Melody and Jerrems, Ari. 2012. “Pensamiento Decolonial: ¿una “nueva” apuesta en las Relaciones Internacionales?” [Decolonial Thinking: A ‘new’ approach to IR?] Relaciones Internacionales 19: 103-121.

Fonseca, Melody and Jerrems, Ari. 2012. “Editorial: Espacios en lucha: hacia una nueva geografía de lo internacional” [Editorial: Contested Spaces: towards a new geography of the International] Relaciones Internacionales 19: 5-11.

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